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Beijing Zhixing Bozhong Cultural Exchange Ltd. is dedicated to promoting the international cultural and edu-cational exchanges between the Chinese youth and their foreign peers by means of organizing the Chinese student delegations to mainly participate in the international youth events and the inter-school exchange activities.

We have established constant collaborations with many Chinese primary/secondary schools plus a few universities. We have organized thousands of diverse graded students and dozens of music ensembles from primary school to college to visit the foreign countries, such as US, France, Germany, Great Britain, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Australia. The types of trips include Tour Performances, Sister-school Exchange, International Youth Festival, Scientific Exploration and Social Practice, which could comprehensively cultivate the Chinese youth and broaden their hori-zon in the cultural immersion activities.

Meanwhile, we have made contacts and cooperation with the for-eign schools and cultural institutions in order to promote the further international exchanges.

(MICHAEL) ZHENG WENCHAO - zhengwenchao1111@163.com