Event Information



Greetings Golden Tornado Family and Friends, 

It is an honor to welcome you to the 2023 International Summit hosted by Pompano Beach High School. For the sixth time, we will bring educators, students and families together with a focus on our theme, Worldwide Collaboration: Connected Learning on a Global Scale. 

This year, Pompano Beach High School will host over 170 guests from 20 countries. The Summit is an extraordinary opportunity that provides a unique forum for educators and students from around the world to learn from as well as about each other. The time together will foster cultural awareness in the field of education, cultivate an environment of mutual respect and build lasting relationships. 

Again, we welcome you and look forward to a week of enlightening and rewarding activities for all participants. We are honored to have you as our guests. 


Lisa H. Spencer 

Principal Pompano Beach High School