Event Information
PBHS Students


Schedule of Events
February 1-5, 2021


Friday Sunday, January 29 31

Host Family Visits through Teams 

Monday, February 1

7:00AM 7:35AMOpening Ceremony *** Click here to view 
7:30AM 8:50AMInternational Schools' Presentations *** Click here to view
9:00AM 10:00AMMulticultural Cadres: Q&A *
 Leadership Roundtable for Administrators
 Faculty Member Collaboration for Teachers *

Tuesday, February 2

7:00AM 7:35AMClass Visits One *
7:45AM 8:20AMClass Visit Two *
8:30AM 9:30AMMulticultural Cadres: Debrief Classroom Visits *
 Leadership / Teacher Collaboration *
9:30AM 10:00AMCultural Showcase One *** Click here to view

Wednesday, February 3

7:00AM 7:45AMInternational Schools' Classroom Presentations One with Q&A
8:00AM 8:45AMInternational Schools' Classroom Presentations Two with Q&A
9:00AM 9:30AMMulticultural Cadres: Debrief Classroom Presentations *
 Leadership / Teacher Collaboration *
9:30AM 10:00AMCultural Showcase Two *** Click here to view

Thursday, February 4

7:00AM 8:30AMUniversity Workshop **
8:40AM 9:30AMMulticultural Cadres: Q&A *
9:45AM 10:00AMCultural Showcase Three *** Click here to view

Friday, February 5

7:00AM 7:40AMInternational Schools: Planning Meeting
7:45AM 8:25AMMulticultural Cadres: Farewells *
8:30AM 10:00AMSummit Closing **

*Cadres         **All Summit Participants         ***YouTube Live Events