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Fudan Middle School


On the world map hanging in the United Nations General Assembly Hall, only four Chinese cities are highlighted andChongqing is one of them. Chongqing, an open inland city, is built on mountains and embraced by the YangtzeRiver and Jialing river. Chongqing is situated in southwest China near the upper Yangtze river, with its city proper as a peninsula surrounded by rivers on three sides and boasting gorgeous mountains and rivers coming together. A city landscape, full of hills and water along with skyscrapers and lush mountains forests, consistute this world's only large, forest city which is harmonious with nature and has a unique influence. Chongqing is the third largest city in total population. Two parts, the city center and whole metropolitan region, are comprised of the total population calculation of Chongqing. The population of the whole Chongqing metropolitan region is approximtely 32.5 million, following only Tokyo and Mexico City in size.



School Address:
22#, Kaixuan Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, 400010 China

School phone number:
+86 023 - 63913555 - 60334100

School website:

Principal’s Name:
Wen Bo

Grade Levels:
Junior 1 ---Senior 1

Faculty Members:
? ????????

Extra-curricular Activities Offered:
Music, Chinese Costume, Rugby, Food and Nutrition, Calligraphy, Speech and Debate, Etiquette