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AI/ML - Annotation Analyst, French Language for Apple
Barcelona, SPAIN


Emmanuel GARCIA MICHEL is a linguist. He worked as a French teacher after obtaining his certification in 2009 from the French Ministry of Education (middle and high school levels). After several years spent in France, he took the opportunity to do an international exchange between France and the Florida Board of Education in 2013-2014. That is how he went to teach French as a Foreign Language to students from 9th grade to 12th grade at Pompano Beach High School for almost one year.

Then he decided to take a leave of absence from the French Ministry of Education and try something new at a private school in Barcelona. The experience opened his eyes and made him realize that he preferred to be part of the language process rather than keep describing to teenagers linguistic and cultural patterns. That is when he decided to return to college and pursue a master's degree in translation, interpretation, and linguistic mediation in order to work as a professional translator and interpreter. He mainly works from Spanish, Catalan, and English to French, but also from French to Spanish and Catalan. As a freelancer, he began translating and interpreting in a variety of fields, but in the meantime, he maintained a connection with teaching by giving French classes to adults in Spanish companies, focusing on pragmatic and tangible linguistic tools to be used and applied in real business situations.

When COVID-19 came, working as a freelance translator and teacher became more and more difficult, even giving classes via Zoom. A new opportunity arose thanks to the pandemic, and in February 2021, he discovered a field previously unknown to him: working from home as a linguist for a social network in order to improve artificial intelligence programs. Through data labelling tasks, he participated in developing machine learning patterns and tried to make AI learn more about contextual situations by working on lexical shades and polysemy. He now works for Apple as an AI/ML annotation analyst for the French language in order to enhance the Siri customer experience, using his skills as a linguist and expert on the French culture.

CONTACT INFORMATION : manu3.garcia@gmail.com