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Ramez Takawy - Legendary Educator


Legendary Educator is a start-up Professional Development network that launched on January 2nd, 2023. By utilizing modern media platforms, it is able to reach teachers globally to aid, guide, and help overcome their challenges in teaching. Legendary Educator is made up of a weekly podcast paralleled by YouTube videos, and online Professional Development training.

Ramez Takawy is the founder of Legendary Educator. He was a teacher for 10 years in Egypt before retiring to focus on his family business in Canada. Although no longer a teacher, Ramez’ heart and soul still lie in education and while he can no longer physically be in a classroom, he hosts the weekly Legendary Educator podcast, discussing issues in education with educators and professionals from around the world. From high school English and Social Studies teacher and extra-curricular supervisor to Teacher Trainer and Professional Development leader, Ramez has always been a dynamic educator.