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Anna Krzeminska-Kaczynska


Founder and CEO of the WorldLINK Foundation, Deputy Head at Open Future International High School in Kraków, Poland; Served for 14 years as IBDP Geography Teacher, IB Development Manager and Deputy Head School Engagements at one of Poland’s top-rated high schools: VIII PALO International Baccalaureate School 006265 in Kraków, Poland. Alumna of the Teaching Excellence and Achievement (TEA) Program at Nebraska University with the U. S. State Department, Ambassador of English Teaching Program in Poland, the board member of the Alumni Association, participated in an outstanding program Vital Voices Chapter of Poland, World-class Leadership Advanced Program from the heart of Poland guided by Professor Cezary Wójcik, awarded the Medal of the Commission of Polish National Education and the European Language Label certificate for her service. A global education and travel zealot. Global Teacher of Year 2022 Recipient.

Anna’s global journey started in 2011 when she wrote grants to host teachers from the United States, which is how she first met Allyson Daly (Educational Programs and Projects Director in WorldLINK Foundation), who traveled to Poland to teach, provide professional development and help contribute to Images of International Teaching Excellence Achievement (TEA) Teachers and their Students, a resource written by international U.S. State Department teaching grant recipients for a worldwide audience. Thus, began a pattern of written and oral literacy projects and professional development that has spanned nine countries over four continents – The Power of International Stories: Coming of Age in the Global Village, which featured students’ writing from nine countries, under guidance from Allyson Daly, edited by Mamta Kanti Kumar (Education Projects Expert in WorldLINK Foundation), Julia Perlowski, Anna Krzeminska-Kaczynska and Kashmeera Jaiswal; a jointly published article, “A World within Arm’s Reach at Academic High School (VIIIPALO, IB World School 006265) in Kraków,” which appeared in Tools for Cross–curricular Education and Achievement Program; and a DVD, A Good Person, Speaking Well: Teaching Debate Collaboratively across Three Continents. Bringing students to International Summits at Pompano Beach High School, Florida became an expected trip every January. High schools in California and the U.S. Youth Leadership Program round out a network of connections built over time in the United States. Many people have helped along the way to build the WorldLINK Foundation so that is why bringing global projects to young leaders of tomorrow’s world across many countries is possible.

More at: www.worldlink.pl